Bush @ Stubb’s 8.17.11

Nineties flashback week in Austin continued last night with Bush performing a recorded show at Stubb’s. I have to say, there were a lot of naysayers telling me that they’re horrible live and the show is going to be a major disappointment, but those people were wrong. In spite of a couple wrong cords played in obvious parts in the songs, they were brilliant!

They started with the epic Machinehead and All My Life, then led into Little Things and Prizefighter. After establishing that they were back and ready to rock, Gavin jumped into the crowd to sing The People That We Love and Greedy Fly.

Very few bands give me chills at shows (especially when it’s 105 degrees outside) but Gavin managed to do that with his story about their visit to SXSW back in the day. He stated that they were invited up to a party at some random place that had a balcony over looking 6th street. Now whether this is true or not is a different story, but he said they actually checked into that exact same right room before the show.

"It’s great. We used to be a guest and now we’re staying here."

He then went on to say how grateful they’ve all been for everything and took it back to the beginning with Everything Zen. Switching things up a bit, they played Sounds of Winter - their new single off of Sea of Memories, then slowed things down for Letting the Cables Sleep.

Chemicals Between Us got the crowd moving again and Swallowed got everyone singing in unison. Gavin then went on to sing Afterlife, but not until he went up in to the VIP section, making the night (or year) for a few women by singing in their laps. I’m pretty sure he got mildly molested, but hey, when you’re Gavin Rossdale that comes with the territory. I suppose all that “interaction” got him going because he started Land of the Living in his classic shirtless way.

The encore was by far, my favorite part of the concert. They started with a great cover of The Beatle’s Come Together, followed by Glycerine then Comedown.

Overall, they played all the hits and even some new ones. I know the show was being recorded but I’m not sure if it was for a DVD or TV special on Palladia. I’ll be sure to post here when I find out because it is definitely worth checking out. They also just announced they’ll be doing another North American tour with Chevelle and Filter later this year so check that out HERE!

Viva 90’s post-grunge!

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